By applying knowledge and experience, Workplace Logistics provides total facilities solutions, allowing its clients the time and resources to look after their business.

Strategic Planning & Needs Assessment

Today's facilities are a strategic business resource. The emphasis is on quality, cost reduction and profitability resulting in a higher return on investments. By defining your needs and identifying options we can create a strategic facility plan for your consideration. Once approved, we will work with you to implement the plan. By collaborating with a network of professionals we can manage every aspect of the process ensuring the end user requirements and corporate goals are being met. Good planning up front avoids costly pitfalls down the road.


By developing an in-depth program, we keep you informed of everything, providing detailed internal statistics, schedules, budgets, activity reports. With a detailed program we ensure nothing is missed and all requirements are acknowledged and dealt with. We can assess the requirements and assist in prioritizing the needs. We will also develop the roles and responsibilities of the project team.

With an in-depth study of your business requirements, we define your needs and provide you with options on moving forward – do you need additional space; is your current space enough, but needs to be re-designed; can you get more space from your current landlord; do you need to relocate. We will provide you with plans and timelines that fit your business cycles and let you know how long it takes to implement each option. We will provide you with the information required to make a knowledgeable decision on which option best fits your needs.

Upfront planning and detailed design saves money. Allowing sufficient time within the schedule to properly plan ensures government codes are met, owners approvals are received and on-site changes, which add dollars to the budget, are eliminated. Good space utilization enables direct and continuous flow of work; minimizes unnecessary backtracking and provides sufficient space around operations. Workplace Logistics consults and collaborates with a wide network of professionals which allows us to assist our clients in choosing the most appropriate specialty consultants such as designers; architects; construction managers; engineers; and real estate advisors.

Project Management

Workplace Logistics will manage the project risks, coordinate all consultants, plus develop and manage the budget and schedule. The outsourced consultant is motivated to provide value and prove performance on each mandate rather than “just get the job done”. Professional management will avoid costly errors made by less experienced non-professional staff and while allowing your staff to continue with their duties without interruption or compromise. With detailed planning and scheduling we will ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. WL will also coordinate with and keep your landlord informed of all plans from the start (construction cannot usually start without the building management's approval of the plans). Communications and control are the key elements of a successful project. By understanding the corporate culture of the client we ensure that the end result will meet your needs.

The success of any change is intimately tied to the people who will be affected. People naturally resist change and in order to gain acceptance by all we continually involve the people to ensure the planned changes are appropriate and necessary. Staff need to be included in the pre-planning process and they need to be kept informed of why the changes are happening, when they will happen and what the new layouts will be. They also need to help identify required changes to processes and procedures. By focusing on both the “best practices” which form the foundation of leading companies as well as the “design processes”, corporations are able to identify new best practices appropriate for their organizations. Getting your staff to “buy in” to the change will ensure the success of the project.

We can take the whole project from concept to relocation. Workplace Logistics ensures that your corporate relocation is a success with little or no downtime to productivity. By coordinating, communicating and supervising all the related parties involved (designers, contractors, data and telecommunication professionals, furniture installers, movers and internal staff) we have the ability to take you through the process with minimal disruption to your day to day business. After the move we will follow up to ensure everything is in its place, there are no outstanding deficiencies, and you understand your warranties and maintenance requirements.

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